Al’s Corner – December 2023

 Ladies Day Luncheon Dec. 8, Ugly Sweater 13.

Christmas time is upon us and thus it is time for another Al’s Corner for December 2023. 

Big event for this month is the Ladies Day on Dec 8th this time is at the historic Das Bevo on Gravois is south St. Louis. The fun begins at 10:30 am and goes on till 2 pm. As I write this note we have around fifty who have signed up and we need more to make our promised number. You will not regret attending with lunch, an open bar, and great networking. It is an awesome place, remarkable, worth attending just to see it up close.  We even have an after party!

Ugly Sweater is December 13th at Big Daddy’s Soulard. The fun begins at 430 and goes till 930. Free food and cash bar. Most of my sweaters are ugly according to most people so I do not struggle with this outfit. Love the Big Daddy’s place!

This month’s topic is the low paying freight market and how many carriers will not renew their tags. The Prices vary from what I have heard from $600 plus for over the road trucks.  Thousands of carriers are rumored to park their trucks due to the high price of tags, equipment, fuel, and transportation rates being depressed so we will see. To put it frankly everything in the world has gone up but transportation rates. This is going to come to a head. This is called a shipper’s market when there are more trucks than loads. This is about to end in the next year as truckers, who live a tough lifestyle to begin with, park their trucks and move on to something better financially and personally.  Plus, as I have said before in previous notes, everyone wants their goods to be delivered now, but the public does not want to do this type of job. So much demand for drivers for a job most people would never want to do. Stay tuned but I think that just when prices should start to fall, the shipping rates will go up. This may result in better service but a spike in what you pay. It reminds me of a gas station down the street from me, they are the first to go up (fast) and the last to go down (slowly).   

I want to end this note with why we celebrate Christmas each year.  It is to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth. Merry Christmas, everyone. My prayer for this year is peace and everyone respecting each other. I also think we need better leadership everywhere. We all only have one shot at this thing called life.  

Have a great Christmas and New Year, AL       

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